A Notice to Remaining Commissioned Artists

Due to related events as stated in the PDF, I am unable to contact all remaining 10 commissioned creators who stuck around on the main development Discord server. For anyone curious and past commissioned creators who would like to contribute now or in the future, here is the official status of commissioned work going forward from July 12th, 2021.

The contractual format may come across as overkill, but I am using it for maximum clarity. It is more succinct and immediate with definitions and specifications than a over-worded goodbye letter with footnotes and a stream of rolling paragraphs.

It is also more appropriate given that a promise of financial compensation was involved with the commissioned/recruitment process that occurred back in the Autumn of 2019 (August-September). For damned clarity, in case it is held against me or Skull Jockey, this agreement was that should the project succeed, all commissioned artists whose work is utilized in the product once it receives money or funding (via crowdfunding or publisher support) would receive financial compensation for the work that was used.

This effort to be exceedingly clear is further appropriate as during the tumultuous Spring 2020 period I had to clarify and remind a few commissioned creators of things I wrote and spoke repeatedly as in disputes they were unable to recall or demanded to see the original agreement writing outside of the job ad, pre-interview emails, and other materials and in a more accessible format.

Thus, for all of the above reasons the format though appearing extravagant is a necessity.

With that all said, I must emphasize that if there is any concern regarding my state of mind writing this letter and putting this post here, I will say that all of this was done with urgency and with a feeling of necessity, and that given my schedule being in the middle between a part-time to full-time position at my day-job, a full-time CS student, a writer, a modeler still honing, a draftsman still honing, and many more obligations, any skepticism for time-management or delays should take these items into consideration. I can only do so many things at once, I can only multi-task so much, and each person has their limits when it comes to time, money, obligations, fatigue physical and mental, whether those be mostly environmental, mostly inherent (genetic, inherited health factors, and such), or a cocktail of the two. If for any reason a reader should disagree with the last sentence a la every man is a blank slate and everyone is fundamentally equal all things considered and can relate and understand another person perfectly, then I will not engage with you as there is clearly no common ground that can provide a sufficient foundation for any good-faith discourse.

I don’t expect anyone to sympathize and so I will not start going into detail about my own current affairs. Pre-emptive counter-arguments aside, here is that letter.